Safety first

Technical CSR for the sake of farmer's life

No one has ever so warily considered safety of their main client group. Until now- because for KRAMP brand an agricultural equipment distributor we designed a unique CSR program -Safety first. Beneficial, tailored for industries demands and enhanced with thrilling VR. We gained farmer’s trust and bond and above all we  trained them in first aid. We showed up at a key event and popular influencers helped carry noble message through network.



  • Developing real CRS program in response to real problems
  • Training as many farmers as possible in the field of first aid
  • Customer confidence building and raising brand loyalty
  • Strengthening KRAMP image as a responsible, close to its clients brand


We decided to tie customers even further with the brand and to prove KRAMP is really close and knows exactly how their day-to-day life looks like, and so is aware of the dangers involved with their work. As CRS, we planned creating an educational scheme based on strictly expert knowledge and insights. Afterwards there was a need to present it in a n ultramodern fashion during one of most interesting industry events. The whole campaign received strong social media support, among others thanks to carefully picked ambassadors.

We've done


Based on statistical analysis,
insights and expert knowledge
we developed unique educational
program focused on first aid,
tailored to polish farmer’s reality.
To help them learn more easily
 combined the program with
VR and suitable gadgets. 

KRAMP educational stand was
available during GRENE
2019 an exeptional family event
for 30000 farmers. Its is hard to
imagine a venue where farming i
ndustry is closer to its customers.
Programs’s participants were able
to wear VR googles and
dangerous situations and learn
how to cope with them. After
completing training customers
were awarded with customized
first aid kits.


They also had an opportunity to meet
CRS ambassadors, participants of
“Rolnik szuka zony” TV program.
Ambassadors also took part in TV
productions which were broadcasted
in internet, significantly increasing
reach and credibility of our actions.



  • First educational program so focused on customers
  • Over 400 trained children and 200 adult farmers
  • 30 000 views of ambassador’s video material
  • Live brand contact with 20 000 event participants