Constantly Improving Brands Brands

We analyze

We fact-check and provide
real situation overview.

We recommend

We create solution scenarios for your issues

We solve

We provide effects thanks to
a process approach.

The strategy
We listen our client

Within our process the Client is essential. Not us, not strategists ego- The Client. At the same time, thanks to its boutique nature, lack of blown structures and bolstered costs KHS Agency is able to employ top experts on the market for its projects.

We achieve client's business goals

For us measurable effect is crucial, calculable and in line with customers expectations. We do not create strategy just for the sake of having pretty document. We create it to effectively alter your business and design solutions which are suitable for the market and for clients capabilities. For us ROI counts, every zloty invested is bound to give profit. At the same time we think outside the box, so we create innovative solutions often new on the market.

Customer Experience

We know that comprehensive customer experience shifts into decisions on choosing right brand- so let us help you get the advantage on your market thanks to your customers appropriate service experience.

The Market

We live in reality where the gravity of products and services individual features gives way to overall customer experience and emotions it evokes. The quality of that experience during the whole process, at all meeting points determines success and development of a company. KHS Agency from its very beginning has been responsible for projects which strengthen brand's message in that area allowing clients to acquire quick investment returns.

Digital Marketing

We support brands in the area, which setting aside experience is the most important nowadays- digital marketing. Consumers spend more and more of their time online and the younger customer is the line between online and offline gets thinner. Every brand needs to have strong solutions in that area, which important advantage is countability.

Wide range

You require support in starting internet campaign, creating content strategy, social media administration? Together we can select the best tools to meet your goals and budget. For us smart and countable solutions are most important. Ones that bring the best investment returns and are best fitted to designated target.

Customer experience

Often determines brand's success. That is why we have developed Customer Service Center- a place which will allow customer communication during exclusive projects, crisis situations or launching of a new product.


Our Customer Service Center shall be introduced with projects that require phone consultant's personalized approach, speed and reliability. In our job we are responsible for developing communication, communication strategy and its implementation by serving inbound and outbound calls, email and text communication, FB groups administration, events developing, qualitative research and satisfaction surveys conducting. All those actions are backed by wide analysis, profound reporting and above all...

Marketing outsourcing
Cost and resources optimization

Many clients need support in day-to-day work to efficiently achieve business, marketing and communication goals.

Partnership approach

Fast response, initiative, new solutions- those are foundations of our cooperation with our clients. Thanks to our effort customers save money, resources and above all...

We know events backwards and forwards

There is no event we haven't been familiar with already. We are talking a small conference or a huge music festival you can be sure it shall be a top shelf solution.

Event is not only a venue

An event for us is only one of the tools we use for brand development. Properly chosen and carried, backed by promotional campaign and digital actions, consistent with brand's strategy is a powerful communication tool and also ideal to acquire leads. It's all about set goal and KPI.

Case study

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Tarczyński - The winter dash

Zakopane the winter capital of Poland has become the winter capital of the Tarczyński brand

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Young Heroes

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Protein challenge

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Volkswagen Home

Europe's first VW concept store

We improved Brands

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Volkswagen Home project was nominated in 2019

nomination in 2021 in the B2B category

nomination in 2021 in the category of exemplary cooperation between the client and the agency

nomination in 2021