tarczynski_logo@2x Protein challenge



  • Diverged target groups divided by form of avtivity- 5 groups
  • Focus on universal physical development and group’s passion for sports-2 groups
  •  Product distribution and sampling
  •  During winter season withdrawal from sampling in favor of competition
  •  Content campaign on websites and in apps
  •  The use of video commentary format addressed exclusively to the target group
  •  Influencer campaign with an advantage of paid productions with wide range
  •  Use of niche athletes with genuinely committed fans


We have divided campaign’s communication for 3-month periods bearing in mind the effectiveness of each tool during given time of year and adapting to consumer behavior. We have appeared with non-standard activities in the fitness industry merging mini event format with online communication. We reacted on daily basis to fluctuating influencer market marking sports we believed would be interesting.
We have carried out engaging creations and SM content on an ongoing basis.

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We've done



The influencer campaign have been divided
by paid and barter influencers. The influencers
along with Wroclaw Panthers as a Protein Team
continuing challenges introduced in CityFit
created a series of dietery guidelines and
exercise videos. We have invitedmicro influencers
to our sports team endorsing them with helpful
gadgets useful for daily activities and suitable
after-training protein dose.


In December and January we have
invited CityFit sports clubs members
throughout Poland to the Protein
Team as a part of cross-marketing.



The goal of social media campaign
was. sole information about new range
of products and also building product
awareness along with increasing sales.
In the Facebook and Instagram campaign
we used such formats such  us: video,
carousel, photo and also a mix of goals:
range and www traffic  to maximize
the effectiveness of our actions.

The campaign was conducted at the turn
of November and December 2019 and
also in the second half of March 2020.


  • range of 2 317 806
  •  6 420 349 views
  • 5 target groups and 16 matching developments
  • average CPC of 3,36%
  •  average CTR of 0,36% for all ads
  •  average CTR of 0,06% for video format
  • Influencer marketing: 100 creative sets, 30 barter shipments, 70 publications, around 280 000 of generated reach, over 5000 likes
  • Event marketing: 113 event days, around 400 completed challenges over 1000 product prizes, 10000 visitors, 720 body composition analyzes performed, over 1000 sampling packages