Volkswagen home

Our great success, forever changing a concept of car showroom. Designing unique place and a  experience path close to customers we have easily achieved consecutive sales targets. But that’s not all: we also took our customer service to another level blurring the lines between simple purchase and real deep experience. Based on passion and strict customization to each customers individual needs and lifestyle.



  • To create exclusive, arousing strong emotions Volkswagen car showroom
  • To design unique user experience and top shelf service system
  • To meet sales targets


Purchase of a new car is a serious decision determined by huge number of factors. We decided to adjust the approach to Volkswagen’s car presentation. Both in terms of showroom space itself and in terms of customer relation. We explored customer needs to develop tailor made package of features. For this concept we created strategy of promotional internet activities.


We've done


After careful research we
designed the concept of VW
Home- inspiring, Warsaw,
home-like space which greatly
intensifies positive vibes.

We made this project work
by creating welcoming concept
store of the highest

We made sure customers
will feel like home, where
they can freely chat about
cars. We have build the
team of six hosts – a real
car enthusiasts.


We developed an effective work system for them and provided
them with sufficient training. We composed a package of
amenities for customers, tailored to their lifestyle such us:
night driving, picking up from work or 24/7 open doors
of VW home. With no barriers between customers
and hosts,
an informal and helpful atmosphere.


W keep partner relations with car dealers to meet customers expectations, save their money and time and also answer to their custom needs. Every VW Home guest receives personal assistance and is able to test cars whichever way he pleases.


  • Building a reputation of exclusive VW showroom known for customers trust and satisfaction
  • Creating positive and expert image backed by networks high notes
  • Expanding the sales funnel and reaching 100% of annual strategic goals
  • Creating a partnership-based work system for team members based   on employee branding at its best
  • Generating buzz focused on unique place on Warsaw map
  • Gaining awareness and loyality among key target groups
  • Assuring consistency on every step of the process(design, CX, CRM, reporting)
  • Maintaining contact network with dealers, testing new solutions and dynamic response to customer needs