tarczynski_logo@2x Tarczyński - The winter dash

Zakopane the winter capital of Poland has become the winter capital of the Tarczyński brand



  • To introduce Tarczynski brand with its product portfolio in contextual and fitting in place and time manner
  • To develop an image and discoverable area of activity in which anyone would find something for themselves – varied products with communication directed to different target groups
  • To build a range covering all voivodeships
  • To use celebrities for product’s contextual communication


In pursuit of new points of contact with customers we analyzed Poles’ preferences regarding
their destination of choice for winter vacation. The research scrutinized by the agency showed
that almost 40% choose Zakopane during winter holidays as the most visited location in Lesser
Poland Voivodeship.


Apart from building the right traffic and meeting the event realization, we compared the reach of morning shows on the most popular TV stations. Due to the largest range.

We've done


During 5 weeks Tarczynski’s Activity Zone has been
operating non-stop in one of Zakopane’s central points.
Activities were backed by life broadcast  every Sunday
in popular “Pytanie na sniadanie” morning show.
We aired 36 live entries in total with participation of
celebrities from cultural, sports and  healthy living world.

A significant aspect of
communication has
become the pyramid
of healthy nutrition
and physical activity
created by the Institute
of Food and Nutrition.


The area available for customers was divided by brands and corresponding activities including
marked children’s Grizzly area (based on brand’s values-intelligence, strength and cleverness)
party area for Kabanos fans, new protein-rich line for the physically active and a gaming zone
associated with newly introduced to the market line of meat chips.

(Zimowa) Strefa Aktywności Tarczyński 2020 from KHS on Vimeo.


  • Within 36 days of activity (30 in Zakopanem, 6 in Szklarska Poręba) the traffic in our zone
    exceeded all expectations. Over 15000 people passed through Activity Area.
  • Food truck Tarczyński recorded sales of 2000 delicious hot-dogs.